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Some of the images from this issue of Mail Art One:

James Adair

Big Black Dandelion by Hannah Marsden

The Electronic Brain Turf Consortium

Pear by Elizabeth Plain

Orion Soup by Ryosuke Cohen

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This summer’s issue of Mail Art One  is being distributed as part of the Fabulous Free Birds Show at Made in Newcastle.

This isues contributors:

James Adair

Elizabeth Plain

Betty Brown

Mark Greenfield

Ryosuke Cohen

Toby Lloyd

Hannah Marsden

The Electronic Brain Turf Consortium

Jose Manuel Figueiredo

Paul Raymond

I am Lina

Susan Mortimer


Still from the web cast on Saturday night.

Preparing for a live cast  of Walk the Line from Empty Shop HQ showing as part of  Art Hub taking place at the Poly, 6.30 to 10.30 pm Falmouth, 21st August.

Robbie Cooper’s Immersion examins the impact of digital media on peoples lives.

” Cooper is a photographer and video artist, concerned with recording the many ways in whcih people use screen media to detach themself from thier immediate surroundings, and the increasing spread of the ‘unreal’ into everyday life.”

A+C work Dystopia  examines the possible loss of identity in a advancing digital enviroment.

A couple of weeks back Paul Raymond at the studios showed me a technique he’d developed which used cling film to make casts of limbs for  a sculpture project he was leading for children.

This made me recall reading in Grayson Perry’s autobiography ‘Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Girl’,  which included  a description about the fetishistic bondage behavior involving wrapping the body in cling film and dependent on another to release you after a period of time.

In the video ‘Mouth to Mouth’ by Smith and Stewart there is an expression of extreme dependency both physically and psychologically.

I am interested in the idea of this expression of extreme physical dependency which seems a complete opposite to the increasing discomfort we experience on being confronted with the biological nature of the human body.

Watching ‘Visions of the Future’ this week with theoretical physicist Michio Kaku showing how AI (artificial Intelligence) will become increasingly prevalent in the future, there was a discussion around how people are now often more comfortable with online communication which contains no body language, pheromones, or spontaneity than with face to face interactions.

The idea was put forward, that we as biological creatures will increasingly incorporate technology in to our bodies while technology will become increasingly biological, creating a blurring.

Walk the line/ Just Walk In My shoes at Unit 9, the Meanwhile Project, Stockton-on-Tees 4th-8th August 2010.

Show went well and was good experience.

Saturday afternoon I gave a short artist’s talk for a small group of EU community and culture judges assessing Stockton for a European cultrual award.

Have spent the last two weeks at the studio playing to see what ideas might surface. One thing that seems to be emerging is that the building its self often is integral to a piece.  I was aware of this from some of the videos done earlier this year at Empty Shop, and from suggestions made by Andy prior to writing my research paper. Need to do research to clarify and expand this idea.

There are some books I’m keen to read, one is ‘The Eyes of the Skin: Architecture and the Senses.’ by Juhani Pallasmaa (must look in to joining the Lit and Phil library in Newcastle).

Some photos of paper pieces I have been working on over the past two weeks at the studio:

and  short animation: