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The Fabulous traveling Zine Case contains a constantly  growing and changing collection of zines and paper ephemera from artists around the globe.

The Fabulous Traveling Zine Case is having it’s 1st outing as part of the  Emely’s ‘Things In Parcels’ starting on the 10th December.

It will  be showing at Newcastle City Library in February 2011,  so anyone interested in having their zine included please get in touch.

Included in this Fabulous Travelling Zine Case are:

Big Hands Eight

Map of Fog 2

Ker-Bloom! 67

This Is what Happens When I can’t Sleep


Mark Greenfield

Super Sweet Sixteen

Counting Crows

Susan Mortimer


Rum Lad

Thrive 4

Elizabeth Plain

Manifesto of The Rude Mechanics

Will You Marry Me

Hello, My Old Winter Blues

Cobalt Of Oblivion

Young Adventures Guide




Ker-Bloom! 85

Mail Art One



Here  is the slide show and PDF for the latest copy of Mail Art One zine.

This will be the last edition using this particular layout.

mao1 autumn 2010


Have been trying out moving the cut figures into other positions around Empty Shop studios: