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Clay falling away from the studio wall.

Have been re reading ‘The Greek Commonwealth’ by A. Zimmern (1st pub 1911).

There is a mention in ‘The Greek Commonwealth’ of  ‘public burial of the fallen’

I’d  left the clay I’d been working with on the studio wall and  as I’d hoped over the last couple of days some of the clay had dried and fallen away from the wall, shattering on the studio floor.

Today I built  up various types of clay marks over a larger area and have left them to see the effects the clay has as it falls away from the wall.

Protesters today at the market Place in Durham City.


At Westgate Studios again yesterday for the second session of the residency.. finding  it a pretty intense process.

Bob had printed me a map of the free bus route, but I didn’t get too far this trip as just hadnt given myself enough time to revisit the areas of interest inside the studios from the first visit and also work outside. Plan to try to add an extra day working outside. Many of the local  buildings are quite particular.

Some photographs from round Empty Shop today.

Have had a bag of clay sitting around at home for over six months and finally took some in to the studio today.

This was partly as a follow on to the chat I had with James Adair about Northern Ireland on Saturday which had reminded me of the blanket men and dirty protests.

But also as a result of an email about drawing from Bob Milner:

‘what is drawing….is drawing a vital aspect of being visually able?’

And also partly to let myself just play with clay while thinking about the notion of ‘de-shocking’ ( a phrase used by Gilbert and George in connection with their Urethra show).

It’s still raining here in Durham, and the studio windows are covered in condensation.

Had a really interesting chat this afternoon with artist and studio holder James Adair about his ideas and work for group show at the Holy Biscuit Art Gallery Newcastle later in March.

Tap @ Empty Shop.

Westgate studios: Red John’s sink.

Moved back in to my old studio space today.  The new space was lovely, too lovely, its pristine-ness was some how intimidating.

So once again am photographing the old familiar view up past the Fighting Cocks pub.

When I went in to the studio on Thursday the project space downstairs had been transformed as part of an event night for  Bubble online magazine.

Did some documenting of it on Friday while I was in… just as well it was being painted out on Saturday.

Used some of the images for a short zine.

Printed b/w on paper from exercise books ruled with blue and cerise lines.