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Completed  ‘Sunderland Quintet’  for the Sunderland Book Project this weekend.

‘Sunderland Quintet’ comprises of  5 staple bound booklets, bound by a printed paper band and is an edition of 12 copies.

Each booklet contains 12 full – colour digital printed photographs documenting a day trip to Sunderland and the National Glass Centre in July 2011.

These images are part of a series made back in March this year( part of the Freebird’s Apathy in the UK show at Bishop Auckland);  referencing lyrics from the early 80’s and the current  conservative government’s 2011 cuts.

Wanted to re-look at these images in the context of  last weeks riots in relation to shifting understandings and representations of past events in light of current ones. Can’t help wondering if the slant on last weeks riots will be changed at some point not by the government’s inevitable responses and usage of them but by further events that will follow.