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I recently came across  Susan Sontag’s  ‘On Photography’.

Sontag’s book clearly explains how photography has changed the way we look at and understand the world.

Sontag views photography in many way as a  form of acquisition and states that:

“…there is something predatory in the act of taking a picture.” (P.14)

Sontag’s book was 1st published in 1977 and it is fascinating to place it in a historical context and consider the current role of photography  in our lives today in the digital arena.

A version of Sontag’s book is available as a free PDF online.


This month I have recieved two wonderful pieces of mail art  from mail artists Otto David Sherman and a recent copy of  Wipe , part of David Dellafiora’s Field Study International.

You can view more photographs documenting  Empty Shop HQ’s pop up gallery space at 17 Claypath, Durham City and the currently unused Durham City Council offices behind the gallery on my 17 Claypath wordpress blog by clicing here.

Photographs from the Whitebread Exhibition featuring work by Northumbria University Students.




I got to try out the new replacement Canon 30D earlier this week when I was back at the 17 Claypath Gallery in Durham City and documenting the currently empty office spaces belonging to Durham City council.