A couple of weeks ago I ordered Paper Stages, a book available through Live Art Development Agency and you can read more about it here on the Paper Stages website:http://paperstages.co.uk/

The book is described as not a book, but ‘a festival’ of performance pieces.

The stipulation when buying a copy of the book is that you should donate or volunteer one hour of time to pay for it and the team encourage the donation to be either creative or community based.

My donation of time resulted in ‘Ghost’, a free, small paper based work which is based around one of the 120 photographs I took at Empty Shop HQ a few months ago in which there appears to be a figure of a man in the center of the photograph looking into the room.

Empty Shop 4a b/w 120

‘Ghost’  examines the duality between analogue and digital in our lives today, between rational and instinct.