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Egaku is taking place this Sunday the 3rd April,   Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London.

Really great to send a selection of zines and small paper  work down, including some small hand made books by Elizabeth Plain.

Donations for the Japan tsunami appeal can be made direct through the Red Cross.


Completed 4 A5 digitally printed photo books yesterday, alongside a set of 12 framed photos  these will be the work for the show at Westgate Studios next week.

Just finished the latest issue of MAT ZINE ready to go down to Wakefield Studios as part of the work arising from the residency.  It contains a mix of images by various artists as well as photographs  of various artists  work.

Artists featuring in this issue include Betty Brown, James Adair, (James is currently showing in God In the Gallery at the Holy Biscuit , Newcastle),Caroline Divine,  and Paul Raymond.

Click here to view or download the MAT ZINE PDF.

MAT ZINE cover


Last day of the residency at Westagte Studios yesterday.  As well as revisiting several areas I had access to artist Ian Smith’s studio and the empty 1st floor space.

The images have developed over each subsequent visit. Now looking at the final stage of the project and developing the work for the show at Westagte at the end of this month.

Travelled down to London yesterday to photograph artist Mark Cazalet’s studio just off the Harrow Road.

I have known Mark since we were on foundation course together at Chelsea School of Art, that thread of continued communication has been really important over the years, particularly when I was feeling distanced from my own practice.

Mark is a highly engaged artist with an incredible work ethic, energy and commitment to his practice.

Working on the photos from Westgate Studios this week, and have been looking at soft focus, enlarged segments of the photos as a way to question the extreme clarity achievable by high tech digital and HD cameras.