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Empty Shop 3

This photo came back from the developing lab a few weeks ago. I had 3 or 4 images similar to this and can’t work out what has caused the effect.

I took the photo using TLR Haking’s Halina 120 film camera and it was only one roll of film in the batch that I sent to be developed that was affected like this.

This week I’m posting  a poll hoping that somebody might have  some answers about what’s caused the problem. Thanks!


Photo montage of the bar at the Blue Note, Hoxton Square in the late ’90’s and starburst fold print of an enlarged, digiatlly printed 120 contact photo of the bar on a  Sunday afternoon.

susan mortimer, b/w montage photographsusan Mortimer B/W photograph star burst


susan mortimer, photography

This 120 medium format contact print shot back in 1998 and forms one of a series of b/w photographs I took documenting street dancers and DJ s from several London clubs.

The portrait is of C.J. who along with Stevie C were the DJ s of the Sunday Soul Affair held upstairs at the Blue Note Hoxton Square, London, while DJ’s Snowboy and Phil Levene held the HiHat jazz session downstairs. (Goldie’s Metalheads session followed Snowboy’s HiHat on a Sunday.)

I photographed C.J. outside of the Blue Note one Sunday afternoon as he arrived for the session. This small image holds a poignancy as C.J. had only recently lost his wife to a very aggressive form of cancer.

The negative was professionally developed at a lab in Soho, London as at that time I did not have a universal enlarger.

The photo was taken with a 1950’s Delmonta 120 camera which was erratic but which took some intriguing images.