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Photographs of Hot Potato Records pop up shop in North Road, Durham City organised by Empty Shop as part of the Durham Streets Summer Festival.

EMPTY SHOP shop 2013 164 EMPTY SHOP shop 2013 176a EMPTY SHOP shop 2013 181a EMPTY SHOP shop 2013 182a EMPTY SHOP shop 2013 186a EMPTY SHOP shop 2013 190 EMPTY SHOP shop 2013 199a EMPTY SHOP shop 2013 203a EMPTY SHOP shop 2013 204aEMPTY SHOP shop 2013 196a EMPTY SHOP shop 2013 198a


I like to keep a sketchbook/scrap book where I store un finished ideas and pieces of work so I can refer back to them. Below are some photos showing a sketch book that has mostly ideas for artists books projects in.

sketch book 2013 002 sketch book 2013 004 sketch book 2013 005 sketch book 2013 006 sketch book 2013 009 sketch book 2013 007 sketch book 2013 018 sketch book 2013 017 sketch book 2013 019 sketch book 2013 025 sketch book 2013 034 sketch book 2013 033


I have just spent 2 fabulous days at the Baltic, exhibiting as part of the Baltic Artist’s Book Fair. The fair consisted of a wonderfully diverse collection of book artist’s and their work all of whom were generous and happy to discuss their practices and ideas.

Below gives just a small snippet of some of the artists who were taking part to give a tiny taste of the event.

 Lucy May Schofield:

susan mortimer

Lucy was hosting the wonderful Biblotherapy Artist’s Book Library, a collection of artist’s books which Lucy will personally prescribe for each visitor.

Hugh Brydon, Roncadora Press:

Printmaker and publisher from from Dumfries, Scotland.

susan mortimer photography susan mortimer photography

Sarah Morpeth, an artist working mainly on paper:

susan mortimer photography

Malcom Gibson and Rachel Gibson:

It was the invitation to contribute to ‘Real Art’ (Andy Law, Elspeth Law, Malcolm Gibson and Rachel Gibson’s) artist’s book which provided my introduction and ongoing involvement with creating and contributing to artist’s books.

 real artreal artreal art

Photographer Joshua Cobbin  from Preston just completed his degree in photography through Nothumbria University was showing a selection of his photographic books.

Artists Sara Wicks was showing her beautiful paper based works.

Miami based artist Marie Marcono‘s calligrapic based work:

susan mortimer photography

susan mortimer photography susan mortimer photography susan mortimer photography susan mortimer photography susan mortimer photography susan mortimer photography susan mortimer photography susan mortimer photography susan mortimer photography susan mortimer susan mortimer photography susan mortimer photography susan mortimer photography

Photographs taken while taking part in the Baltic Artist’s Book Fair Friday 14th-Saturday 15th June.

susan mortimer photography susan mortimer photography susan mortimer photography

susan mortimer, photography

This 120 medium format contact print shot back in 1998 and forms one of a series of b/w photographs I took documenting street dancers and DJ s from several London clubs.

The portrait is of C.J. who along with Stevie C were the DJ s of the Sunday Soul Affair held upstairs at the Blue Note Hoxton Square, London, while DJ’s Snowboy and Phil Levene held the HiHat jazz session downstairs. (Goldie’s Metalheads session followed Snowboy’s HiHat on a Sunday.)

I photographed C.J. outside of the Blue Note one Sunday afternoon as he arrived for the session. This small image holds a poignancy as C.J. had only recently lost his wife to a very aggressive form of cancer.

The negative was professionally developed at a lab in Soho, London as at that time I did not have a universal enlarger.

The photo was taken with a 1950’s Delmonta 120 camera which was erratic but which took some intriguing images.

Collages and prints  taken from a series of collages and small prints dating from 2012.

susan mortimer collagesusan mortimer collage susan mortimer collage susan mortimer collage.


Its been a few years ago now since  I first came across the work of photographer Francesca Woodman.

Her work haunts me so this Easter I brought the Kindle edition of Isabella Pendicini’s Francesca Woodman: The Roman years: between flesh and film.

I have always been drawn to Woodman’s compositions and the sense of surface in her photographs and was interested to read that alongside the surrealists and Man Ray Pendicini states that the 14 th century Italian art including those of the painter Giotto’s were a major influence on Woodman. Pendicini continues that Woodman made drawings studying spatial organization of the Italian painters which were a part of her careful preparations for her photographs.

Giotto Joachim's_DreamF Woodman

Another aspect of  Woodman’s work that has interested me has been her use of cyanotype printing.

caryatid, new york 1980 F woodman


Researching to find out more about the cyanotype process I came across the Alternative Photography site here on WordPress.

This wonderful site has an amazing plethora of information on many photographic processes as well as much useful information on cyanotype printing methods.






Through out October 2012 and March 2013 I have been documenting the now disused offices of Durham county council at 17 Claypath, Durhamm City along side documenting the shows organized in the pop up gallery space by Empty Shop.

Some of the photographs from the project documenting the offices are now available as a Blurb photo book which can be previewed here:


Susan Mortimer disused Durham county council office 17 Claypath Susan Mortimer disused Durham county council office 17 ClaypathSusan Mortimer disused Durham county council office 17 Claypath

Visited James Watt’s installation Colony at 17 Calypath gallery today and it is well worth a visit. It runs until Wednesday 27th March.

It is the final show organized by Empty Shop to be held at 17 Claypath. The gallery has been host to a run of fabulous exhibitions organized by Empty Shop since Autumn 2012.

photograph  susan mortimer