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I am really pleased, the BBC has corrected the issue with the subtitles on Stephen Fry’s Out There episode 1 that I posted about on the 15th. The correct subtitles were playing this morning.

I was forwarded a link to an article on the BBC’s News, Entertainment and Arts page dated 16 October which says that Ofcom are to now monitor the quality of the subtitles provided by the BBC.


The great news is that Out There episode 1 is now playing with the correct subtitles.

out there scren grab


Today i watched the 1st episode of Stephen Fry’s Out There documentary about attitudes around the globe  towards LGBT on the BBC’s iPlayer.

I watched with the subtitles on and at around 16 minuets into the programme the phrase:

‘I ve been thinking about suicide and will kill myself’ appeared on the screen.

This phrase then remained for the entirety of  the show.  Given the content of the show and the known issues Mr Fry faces with his health I found this phrase on the screen in place of the subtitles deeply upsetting.

I did report it to the BBC but so far the show is still available on the BBC’s iPlayer with the phrase visible.

I asked friends to check if they had the same message come up and they have. I find that this should happen very all very saddening, disturbing and offensive… below are screen grabs from the BBC’s iPLayer.

stephen fry subtitles 1 stephen fry subtitles 2 stephen fry subtitles 3