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Collages and prints  taken from a series of collages and small prints dating from 2012.

susan mortimer collagesusan mortimer collage susan mortimer collage susan mortimer collage.


This project has played on my mind constantly and I was relieved last week to be able to post the booklet . But I am now in the process of re-editing the zine once again before my deadline on the 27th of October, a long side looking at the possibility of developing one project from this past 12 months work to show in a gallery setting.

I found it hard when trying to address the kind of issues brought up by this project to find a place of solid understandings and then create a clear way to communicate those understandings.

Have been trying out moving the cut figures into other positions around Empty Shop studios:

Image from this week:

Some collages I ‘m working on  at the studio:

The aim with these collages is to loosen up and speed up ideas, get some ideas to happen… so this is really a method similar to using a sketch book.

Some of the initial ideas were to look at:

Developing a more dynamic process and to develop the collages out of a sketch book, thinking about techniques and ideas :

Cut and paste


Response to a surface

Response to a specific site/place/building/environment

Also I have become interested in the idea of hacking or creating mash ups which employ or have allusions to other artists work, questioning the idea of ownership of imagery and also to begin to think about ownership of memory.