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Just before leaving for GIAB 2012 I was reading Juhani Pallasamaa’s ‘The Eyes Of the Skin: Architecture and the senses.’ In part 2, Spaces of Memory and Imagination (pub. Wiley 2005) Pallasamma writes of how we have:

‘….innate capacity for remembering and imagining places. Perception, memory and imagination are in constant interaction…’ (p. 67)

Reading this made me think about what happens when visiting a new place and how we make sense of a new unknown environment.

I stayed in a hotel over the weekend of the GIAB fair and when checking in was given a map of Glasgow on which a member of staff circled the city’s landmarks.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings I went out with a camera and tried to photograph expected landmarks and unexpected ones. Ones my imagination or memory from books, TV, previous experiences lead me to look for as ‘landmarks’ and for less expected ‘landmarks’.

Expected land mark photos:

Possibly less expected land marks:

It was just a small experiment but one that was useful for helping  to think about how for granted we can take an established and ingrained/subconscious way of looking at and experiencing things and to make me want to think about exploring or challenging that process in some way.

I arrived back in Durham from Glasgow on Monday afternoon after a wonderful weekend at GIAB 2012.

There was a huge range of artists showing at GIAB 2012 and it was a real pleasure to meet with so many artists and makers.

Please click here to see the full PDF  list of all those showing at this years GIAB.

I’m up in Glasgow this weekend for the Glasgow International Artists Bookfair. Yesterday was great with many visitors to the fair and amazing work on show. The organizers Helen and Harald have done a great job and the fair has a really nice atmosphere.

I got out early Saturday morning before the fair opened with a camera to get a few photos around Glasgow city centre.

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