Over the past few months I have been trying out various pinhole camera techniques and recently brought a Holga Pinhole Lens to fit my digital Canon SLR.

The lens fits neatly on to the camera body in the same way as a regular lens.

The initial results were promising though I need to spend some time working out exposure times and use a tripod for longer exposures.

One consideration or draw back that I mentioned in an earlier post, is that when using a DSLR camera with pin hole lens any dust on the camera’s sensor or mirror becomes magnified and is very visible.

Unfortunately I left my digital Canon SLR on a local bus on Saturday afternoon after going out to photograph locally for a project I am working on, and unless the camera is handed in to the bus company’s Lost Property office it will be  a few weeks before am up and running with a replacement digital SLR. It does feel rather a large loss I am so used to my camera being on hand and using it on a daily basis, but I am taking the approach that a break away from it will hopefully  become a learning curve and an opportunity to shift my focus.

The next plan is to try out the Holga lens which also fits my film A/E Canon camera (a  great film camera that I love) and see what the results are like using a fast B/W film.