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Taken with Olympus VG-170 camera.
susan mortimer photography susan mortimer photography
susan mortimer photograph susan mortimer photograph


These were taken at night time using the night scene setting and edited using the Olympus soft wear that came with the camera.

night walk 01 P1010036


Had a quick go trying out the Olympus VG-170 yesterday and really like the camera’s weight and textured grip, but am still struggling to adjust to framing via an LCD screen rather than using a view finder, especially when outdoors in bright light conditions when it becomes impossible to see the composition on the LCD screen at all.

The camera comes with a wide range of options…for me the landscape mode option enhances the colours in a  shot rather tooharshly.

I found the panoramic mode harder to align up the individual photos than with the Finepix camera, but the resolution is better and allows stitching up to 10 photos using the soft wear provided.

It’s proving a useful camera and I’m enjoying finding out what it does though it does make me appricate even more my lost Canon!