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American photographer  Daniel Gordon:

Daniel Gordon screen grab 1Gordon’s photographic practice,  featured in the 2013 video on Art21 site ‘Daniel Gordon Gets Physical’ questions fiction and truth in photography as well as appropriation.

My understanding is that Gordon’s photography can be seen as a metaphor for the lived body in the digital era; the idea that life is no longer lived in linear sequences of understandings but rather as multitude of appropriations.

Daniel Gordon screen grab 2Gordon’s publications include ’31 days’ and ‘Portrait Studio’ and both are available as a downloads.

daniel gordon screen grab 5





Earlier this week I visited the Ed Ruscha: Artist Rooms on tour show at the Hatton Gallery Newcastle.

The exhibition consisted of Ruscha’s paintings, photographs and prints

Included were some of the photographs from the 1966 Sunset Strip series where Ruscha scratched into the original 5×4 negatives with implements such as razor blades.

Ed Ruscha Sunset Strip

It was fascinating to see examples of Ruscha’s photography as I had been reading about it in Charlotte Cotton’s The Photograph As Contemporary Art (Thames and Hudson 2012). Cotton writes that:

‘His approach remains alive in contemporary photographic thinking, often in tandem with major advancements in technology, because of the directness with which his books take us to the heart of the artist’s vision of his own work.’ (P.237)

Several of Ruscha’s photographic 1968-1997 Pool series were also on show. I found them compelling and mesmerizing.  A show really worth visiting.

Ed Ruscha pool #5