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I like to keep a sketchbook/scrap book where I store un finished ideas and pieces of work so I can refer back to them. Below are some photos showing a sketch book that has mostly ideas for artists books projects in.

sketch book 2013 002 sketch book 2013 004 sketch book 2013 005 sketch book 2013 006 sketch book 2013 009 sketch book 2013 007 sketch book 2013 018 sketch book 2013 017 sketch book 2013 019 sketch book 2013 025 sketch book 2013 034 sketch book 2013 033



This month I have recieved two wonderful pieces of mail art  from mail artists Otto David Sherman and a recent copy of  Wipe , part of David Dellafiora’s Field Study International.

Every so often I submit an edition of 40 prints on toilet paper to Field Study’s  Wipe zine.

Being of an age to remember watching the space landings on a black and white screen television I thought it would be appropriate to make a print of Neil Armstrong for my next Wipe submission as Neil Armstrong’s death on Saturday August 25th starkly highlighted for me how our realities and understandings have changed since the 1st  Apollo moon landing on July 20th 1969.

I completed a set of 10 printed b/w zines for PaperGirl’s London call out this week.

Having a few spare prints left over I thought I would try out some of the Pebeo  Colorex water based ink I brought for some large drawings I’m planning.

I hadn’t used Pebeo inks before (usually using Windsor and Newton or chinese black calligraphy ink), and found the pigment quality excellent when both diluted and undiluted . They mix and over paint beautifully too. They are water soluble and do not contain shellac as Windsor and Newton inks do and so behave more like water colour when over painting.

On Friday my first copy of   The Blue Note Book (April 2012)(edited by Sarah Bodman) a bi-annual publication from Book Arts at the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR) arrived.

If you are in to the arts and artists’ books… subscribe! It has a variety of well written and informative articles.