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Today I began a new weblog to document a project I have been asked to undertake by Empty Shop HQ of their new pop up gallery space at 17 Claypath Durham City. The gallery is situated in currently disused offices belonging to Durham County Council.

To take a look more photos on my new weblog, 17 Claypath weblog click here.



This Friday I’ve sent two new pieces down for the next TWEETART show at Westgate Studios Wakefield, Yorkshire.

The pieces are from a new piece that I’ve been developing over the past few months.

Common House Hold Objects/Still Lives comprises of a selection of small house hold objects which have had their original purpose challenged or rendered functionless.

The objects remain solely as markers to a past which becomes increasingly inaccessible and objectified providing instead a memorial to changing cultural practices.

     Spoon, Fork, Knife 2012 (cutlery and thread)

Pegs x3 (cast wax)      Three Pegs 2012 (cast wax)

Was up in Newcastle this Monday and went to the Baltic where there’s a show on (10 FEBRUARY 2012 – 20 MAY 2012 ) of work by Andrea Zittel including some of the ‘Wagon Stations’, structures designed to explore what humans needed for survival in different ways. I found the work some how mesmeric.

Looking at Zittle’s website I was interested in the notion of what she describes as ‘Small Liberties’

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It’s really worth taking a look at the exhibition which is on for a couple more days at the Baltic or at Zittel’s website.

Visited new media artist Julien Maire’s exhibition at the Hatton Gallery  earlier this week.

I enjoyed this exhibition in which Maire employs low res projectors, slow motion and obsolete technologies and creates haunting installations on the themes of illusion, memory and the passage of time.

See more about his work here:

Model for the Apocalypse

This week I am sending some zines down to London for the Tooting Zine Fair taking place at the Construction Gallery .

There has been a show at Empty Shop of work in progress by artists Edgar Ameti and Justin Cockburn.

There’s been a really good show this week end at Empty Shop  by students from New College Durham taking the Level 3 Art and Design Diploma Certificate Award.


The Westgate Quartet Books were on show at the Lit & Phil Library, Newcastle 15th & 16th April 2011 as part of the North East Photography Networks recent event Photography Publishing and the Future of the Photobook.

You can view photos of the work from the residency in situ at the exhibition at Wakefield Studios Project Space back in March this year at AliceandBobCurate: Temporary Art Show 3

Visited the exhibition of the Jerwood Drawing Prize at the DLI gallery yesterday. Good mix of approaches to interpreting what it means to draw.

There was  an exhibition of  drawings  by Newcastle based artist Nick Kennedy who employs strict systems to examine the idea of serendipity. Found Nick’s work really intriguing.

Currently a fantastic show on it the Pink Room ( part of Empty Shops Annual Open), by artist Donna Grant. Her work reflects on the nature and stereotypes surrounding female gender.