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Empty Shop 3

This photo came back from the developing lab a few weeks ago. I had 3 or 4 images similar to this and can’t work out what has caused the effect.

I took the photo using TLR Haking’s Halina 120 film camera and it was only one roll of film in the batch that I sent to be developed that was affected like this.

This week I’m posting  a poll hoping that somebody might have  some answers about what’s caused the problem. Thanks!

I have just brought a medium format TLR camera: Haking’s Halina A1 Camera from EBay.

susan mortimer Jcamera 2 camera 1

There wasn’t too much information on the net I could find about this camera but there is a really informative video walk through of how to use the Halina A1 camera by Rob Nunn on YouTube click here to view it.

And another review here by laineyrocks also on YouTube.

I really enjoy Rob’s informative videos there are many more available on his website:

This particular camera came with a film adaptor which converts the 120 film; so instead of taking the usual 12 pictures 36 can be taken with the camera instead.

I’m just running a couple of films through and will post more about the results in a week or so.