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Summer 2012 mini M.A.T Zine

Please click here for the full PDF version.



Here is the latest issue of Mini M.A.T. zine

Click here for the  June 2012 Mini M.A.T. Zine to download and print.

Here is the latest Mini MAT Zine.

View the PDF here MAT Zine 2012

This evening is Empty Shop’s 4th Annual Opening

The show this year is cracking and includes a site specific installation by  Neil Armstrong.

I am showing some of the zines I have made over the last year or so and a work in progress, The Normal Child that I have been working on for the past couple of months.

The Normal Child (work in progress) 2012

Here is the pdf version of December 2011. It’s now A5 size (printer ink has become mega expensive).


Featured in this issue are works by the following artists:

James Adair

Sean Burn

Caroline Devine

Meinir Wyn Jones

Bob Milner

Susan Mortimer

To view MAT Zine as a PDF please click on the link below:

MAT Zine September 2011 2


Please click the link below for the full PDF version:


Egaku is taking place this Sunday the 3rd April,   Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London.

Really great to send a selection of zines and small paper  work down, including some small hand made books by Elizabeth Plain.

Donations for the Japan tsunami appeal can be made direct through the Red Cross.

Just finished the latest issue of MAT ZINE ready to go down to Wakefield Studios as part of the work arising from the residency.  It contains a mix of images by various artists as well as photographs  of various artists  work.

Artists featuring in this issue include Betty Brown, James Adair, (James is currently showing in God In the Gallery at the Holy Biscuit , Newcastle),Caroline Divine,  and Paul Raymond.

Click here to view or download the MAT ZINE PDF.

MAT ZINE cover


Here is the , MAT Zine a new zine created as part of the Freebirds Apathy in the UK show including work by artists Betty Brown, Caroline Divine, Elizabeth Plain as well as by  myself.

Mat Zine is a departure on from Mail Art One.  Creating a new zine format was an aim I out lined in a previous post at the start of the year. I wanted to use  this new zine format as a means of beginning to look at possible developing directions for the Al-Muntannabi-street-project.

A PDF version of Mat Zine can be viewed here by clicking MAT Zine.