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Bound Cutlery, part of my House Hold Objects series was recently shown at Tweet Art , Westgate Studios, Wakefield.

To see the full slide show for the July Tweet Art show  visit Bob Milner’s weblog   documenting the show at the Prince Albert, part of Wakefield’s Art Walk.





This is a Polaroid photo taken with Fuji Film Instax Mini camera. The actual picture size (including photo boarder) is approximately 2 ins x 3 ½ ins.

The camera I have is very battery hungry and as the batteries decrease in power the camera produces pale and ghostly images.

This photograph is of the fountains at Wakefield taken a few weeks ago.

This Friday I’ve sent two new pieces down for the next TWEETART show at Westgate Studios Wakefield, Yorkshire.

The pieces are from a new piece that I’ve been developing over the past few months.

Common House Hold Objects/Still Lives comprises of a selection of small house hold objects which have had their original purpose challenged or rendered functionless.

The objects remain solely as markers to a past which becomes increasingly inaccessible and objectified providing instead a memorial to changing cultural practices.

     Spoon, Fork, Knife 2012 (cutlery and thread)

Pegs x3 (cast wax)      Three Pegs 2012 (cast wax)

Last year while on my residency at Westgate Studios, Wakefield I wandered in to Wakefield Cathedral.

Instantly I fell in love with the building and its atmosphere. I asked if it would be possible to photograph the interior of the cathedral and was allowed to do so as long as the photographs were for private use and not for sale.

I spent a wonderful hour and a half in the cathedral and was incredibly sad at the thought of the possibility of not returning there again.

At the end of 2011 heard of the 366 Photography Project  asking for photographers to documenting the life of Wakefield Cathedral as renovations are carried out there through out 2012 and applied to take part.

I was horrified today to visit Wakefield Cathedral’s 366 Days blog to read of the impact that George Osborne’s recent heritage VAT rule changes have had on their renovation budget and the effect on the current building works.

”Wakefield Cathedral has launched a national campaign to urgently address the Chancellor’s recent Budget announcement that 20% VAT will be charged on renovations to listed buildings.

As you know, the Cathedral has already begun work on the Project 2013 redevelopment of the nave. The area has been closed to the public and turned into a building site; so the project cannot simply be put on hold while the additional hundreds of thousands of pounds needed to pay this new tax are raised.

This not only affects Wakefield Cathedral, but will also potentially affect care of every listed building in the UK – our precious and vulnerable heritage.

Please take the time to read the press release for save our heritage and the letter to PM in which he succinctly explains the impact of this tax on Wakefield Cathedral. ” ( from  Wakefield cathedral’s 366 weblog)

Below are 2 links of ditties from Wakefield cathedral about this situation:

VAT ditty 1

VAT ditty – the sequel

I dearly hope that the government will listen and rethink their  current heritage VAT policy.

I would ask anyone who would like to to add their signature to Wakefield Cathedral’s e-petition against George Osborne’s new Heritage VAT by clicking here.

The Westgate Quartet Books were on show at the Lit & Phil Library, Newcastle 15th & 16th April 2011 as part of the North East Photography Networks recent event Photography Publishing and the Future of the Photobook.

You can view photos of the work from the residency in situ at the exhibition at Wakefield Studios Project Space back in March this year at AliceandBobCurate: Temporary Art Show 3

Completed 4 A5 digitally printed photo books yesterday, alongside a set of 12 framed photos  these will be the work for the show at Westgate Studios next week.

Last day of the residency at Westagte Studios yesterday.  As well as revisiting several areas I had access to artist Ian Smith’s studio and the empty 1st floor space.

The images have developed over each subsequent visit. Now looking at the final stage of the project and developing the work for the show at Westagte at the end of this month.

Working on the photos from Westgate Studios this week, and have been looking at soft focus, enlarged segments of the photos as a way to question the extreme clarity achievable by high tech digital and HD cameras.

At Westgate Studios again yesterday for the second session of the residency.. finding  it a pretty intense process.

Bob had printed me a map of the free bus route, but I didn’t get too far this trip as just hadnt given myself enough time to revisit the areas of interest inside the studios from the first visit and also work outside. Plan to try to add an extra day working outside. Many of the local  buildings are quite particular.

Westgate studios: Red John’s sink.